Analysis of your hair

You are worried by your hair since a few times and would like to find a treatment that really suited to your situation. May be you already tested various cures and products without great results. For the next step, your best choice is to come consult an expert at the capillary clinic of Montreal Centre. Our expert will help you understand the reasons of your hair problem and together, you can choose the most appropriate treatment, which will lead to success.

At your clinic, you will receive a professional and personalized listening, as well as a test with modern amenities on the cutting edge in our field. When analyzing your hair at the Norgil clinic of Montreal, which should take about an hour, our specialist will get as much information as he can about your hair problem. He will also conduct the necessary tests to perform the analysis of your hair, it could be a capilloscopy, capillary mapping, densitometry, or the measurement of the thickness of your hair. When the problem is particularly advanced, as in abundant hair loss, you must act quickly to prevent the situation to become irreversible.

Your visit to the hair clinic of Montreal Centre will increase your motivation to fight against your hair problem, which is essential for success. If you wish, our specialist can assist you and evaluate the degree of importance that you attach to your hair.