Assistance for men baldness

At the Norgil capillary clinic of Downtown Montreal, we offer various products and treatments that help in male pattern baldness. The technique of hair integration, an innovative approach, allows the balding man to rediscover the pleasure of an authentic hair, including the ability to regularly change their hairstyle. The treatments are painless, safe, and produce results that will confuse your friends. This is especially true if you do not want the change to be too radical, the capillary experts of downtown Montreal center can achieve integration gradually: just a little hair at the first treatment and adds a little more at each visit to get to the desired density.

This technique that helps male pass through their pattern baldness, performed by experts Norgil, follows the research of several recognized experts in the world. When you arrive at the hair clinic of Downtown Montreal for such assistance for your baldness, we can assure you that it is a hair integration Norgil. But how does it work? In fact, you get a hair made ​​of real hair through the thin base as a skin in which they are injected, which is then attached very close to your scalp. The extreme thinness of the membrane and how the hair are fixed without tie allows very natural results, invisible and soft when you touch them.