Hair replacement for men

Different approaches to hair replacement for men are available at the Norgil hair clinic of Montreal. One of them, the hair of contact ensures the men who choose this option to have a natural looking hair, even for a moderate or low density.

Replacement by real human hair

Indeed, this technique of hair replacement that use real human hair and a extremely thin integration membrane, invisible to the naked eye, is impossible to feel by touching it. Each integrated hair can be seen independently from the other, showing the scalp. Men who opted for this technique can obtain a hairstyle suitable for their dearest wishes, whether they want it on one side or the other, or even backwards. The edge of the hair on the forehead is in fact so natural that men who have opted for this approach will be more then happy with their choice.

Hair replacements signed Norgil

Hair specialist of Montreal only use materials and products signed Norgil. Moreover, when you get your hair replacement, we can tell you where the brand logo appears. Similarly, all maintenance hair products for men are in containers bearing the Norgil acronym.

Personalized approach to every man

Do not hesitate to come see us at the hair clinic Montreal Centre to get explain our approach to hair replacement. All men suffering from baldness and concerned about their appearance can only gain!