Grafting on scalp

With the new method of grafting on the scalp, the Norgil hair transplant clinic of Montreal Centre can guarantee you a lot of hair after treatment.

Transplantation through the microscope

The hair does not grow separately from each other, but rather in small groups of 2 or 3, it is clearly preferable to do the graft using these sets (follicular units). This is thanks to a camera that allows a very significant expansion that our experts can view and take these units to perform the transplant. At the clinic of downtown Montreal, the grafting technique on scalp with microscope provides up to 30% more hair from the same sampling region, the follicles are indeed less likely to be damaged by this method. An additional approach, the Dense Packing, lets take on the donor area over 40 follicular groups per square centimeter, which results in more than 100 hairs in the same area.

Very good results in one session

Nearly 3,000 transplants can be grafted onto the scalp in a single normal session at the clinic of downtown Montreal. The area covered with good density is about 3.5-4 inch wide and long about 15 inches square. According to traditional approaches, the client would have had to go 2 or 3 times for the same result.