Wig of natural hair

At Norgil capillary clinic of Montreal centre, we have over 100 models of hair prosthesis. So we can meet your needs, especially for those who temporarily lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

A great choice of models

When you come see us at the capillary center of Montreal Centre, be sure to find the model of prosthesis for hair that suits you best, according to the shape of your face and head. Anyone who must undergo chemotherapy does not need more of  trauma and see his physical appearance to deteriorate. Our experts use their know-how in aesthetic facial beauty to advise you on the most appropriate hair prosthesis for you. Since we are partners with the largest houses in making wigs around the world, we can offer you 130 models, made of real hair or fibers in a range of different colors.

Hair the desired

The wigs you choose at clinic of Montreal Centre will also be modified according to your wishes. So you can get different haircuts, but also shades of color such as  very obvious or more deleted. You forget you're wearing a prosthesis for hair thanks to its lightness, comfort and natural appearance, partly thanks to the quality of the hair.